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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin [NPEB02202] - counter185 - 10-11-2019

Playable, even on a shit quad core i5 at 150% resolution scale. Surprisingly, you don't need to change the VBlank frequency or Clocks scale to reach 60fps (something that the PS3 can't). I beat 3 bossses somehow, got a 24mb log which obviously is too big so i just fired up the game, ran around some places, tried beating a boss and closed the game (in the intended way, from the menu).

The only little issue i noticed was that there were some slight graphical artifacts in the water in Majula (screenshots included in attachments). I included a console screenshot for comparison. Surprisingly, increasing the resolution scale makes the effect smaller.

Aside from this little nitpick, the game runs fine. I haven't noticed anything else while playing.
I played on version 0.0.7-8852-e9ea226e_win64

(Note: This version is not actually Scholar of the First Sin, even though it's in the title. This is still the original version of the game. Yes, I did install all the updates.
Quick edit: to elaborate, i mean the game does say "Scholar of the First Sin" on the title screen and in the title, but the SotFS changes are not present)

Update: i just noticed that my 150% res screenshot is bad. I can't update it unfortunately

And because i reached my attachment limit and 3 screenshots are required, i decided to post them to imgur. Enjoy

[Image: m7WK30F.png]
[Image: e1eM8aN.png]
[Image: 46A5wez.png]