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Zen 2 issues with LLVM SPU compiler? - Silanda - 08-07-2019

I upgraded my PC today from an i5 3570k to a Ryzen 3700x, and one of the first things I thought I'd try out was RPCS3. I'm running into some problems though.

With certain games (not all) I'm getting either one of two types of crashes: either the emulator freezes while building the SPU cache, or if it somehow gets past there it crashes when it reaches the intro video. This did not happen with my Ivy Bridge rig. The ASMJIT recompiler seems to work fine.

The games in question that I've had problems with are Virtua Fighter 5 (BLES00029) and Ninja Gaiden Sigma (BLES00072).

RE: Zen 2 issues with LLVM SPU compiler? - Silanda - 08-10-2019

In case it's of any help, here's the log of running Virtua Fighter 5 up to the point where I have to terminate the emulator in task manager: https://mega.nz/#!8e5H3SZZ!wnCNe91Geweu7FPhRNsmmGA2u_MeSSDcZpqOnDewul8

Closing the emulator normally does not work after the freeze.

Okay, I've found a solution of sorts.

I thought I'd try changing "Use LLVM CPU" in the config file, and found something interesting. I changed it to skylake and the problems disappeared. Of course, I assume that the code won't be optimal for my CPU, and I have no idea how fast it is compared to ASMJIT, but it works. I also tried changing the option to znver2, which had the same freezing and results as default (seems to be znver1).

Should I open an issue about this on the Github page?