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No Game Window Showing - warhunter - 08-07-2019

So, i've followed the quickstart, installed the latest firmware for ps3, checked if my spec follows the minimum req., and also check if the game bootable at all with RPCS3, all are in check and after i click boot in RPCS3, no windows shows up. can anybody help me? this is really confusing.

i'm using ASUS TUF FX504GD with spec:
GTX 1050 4GB
2x8GB 2666MHZ
WINDOWS 10 x64

the game i'm trying to play: God of War 3

RE: No Game Window Showing - Ani - 08-07-2019

Besides the fact you're trying to play a yet unplayable game, you have a disc game installed as a digital game, doesn't make any sense

Dump your game again following the quickstart guide