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Starhawk™ (Solo Campaign) [NPUA80812] - Smoker1 - 05-01-2019

Gets past the Santa Monica Logo, then it gets to a 'Loading' at the bottom right, and nothing. Seems like it is stuck there, the FPS is around 7FPS, and it gave a Error (Purple Text)....

F {RSX [0x0016f04]} RSX: class std::runtime_error thrown: GetAddress(offset=0x410eaf80, location=0x1): RSXIO memory not mapped

(in file c:\projects\rpcs3\rpcs3\emu\rsx\rsxthread.cpp:67)

Then it said a New Program compiled successfully. But yeah, stops right there.

RE: Starhawk™ (Solo Campaign) [NPUA80812] - Ani - 05-02-2019

Missing log file, version information, screenshot..

RE: Starhawk™ (Solo Campaign) [NPUA80812] - Smoker1 - 05-14-2019

Vulkan, and Base Settings

Gets past the Santa Monica Studios Screen, then the App Closes out.