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RPCS3 for FIFA STREET 4 - allesvieri - 04-25-2019

Hi All,

I have a laptop with spesification like this :

Processor : Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0Ghz
GPU : Nvidia Geforce 930m 2Gb
RAM : 4Gb DDr3

and the question is Why when i play FIFA Street 4 with RPCS3 Emulator, the game is not smooth (LAG), but i got 30fps, why the game so lag ?
Please i need help from all of you, please give me some answers or advice or anything can help me to get smooth gaming with RPCS3 Emulator.
Thank You Before Rolleyes

RE: RPCS3 for FIFA STREET 4 - Ani - 04-25-2019

Your CPU is too weak. It's an underclocked dual core mobile CPU.