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UNO Demo [NPUB30082] - ps0ne - 01-29-2019

This is demo ingame. Probably regular games as well other demos are ingame too.

RE: UNO Demo [NPUB30082] - Ani - 01-31-2019

Does not meet the guidelines, moving to General Discussion until it's fixed

RE: UNO Demo [NPUB30082] - ps0ne - 01-31-2019

Ouch, really sorry to post that. I am dissapointed. I noticed, other moderators have more power, to know more. They even posting games that they really thinks what cathegory they belongs.
Please move this particular game to Nothing cathegory where it belongs, because i did nor prove. This game is trash anyway.
Of course, its better to assume any version working in moth report becaue statistics matter. But trash report is always trash. i agree both.

RE: UNO Demo [NPUB30082] - Ani - 01-31-2019

I don't understand anything of what you just said, but this game doesn't belong in the Nothing category, I've tried UNO Demo before and it does boot.