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Demon's Souls audio issues - baricudaprime - 11-14-2018

I've been digging through the forums and fiddling with my setting for a while and I still can't figure out how to fix the audio stuttering. I'd really appreciate if someone has a possible solution.

I'm on a laptop
GTX 1060 6gb
Intel i7-8750 2.20 ghz
16 gb ram
windows 10

RE: Demon's Souls audio issues - Ani - 11-15-2018

I think this is expected on these laptop CPUs for now

RE: Demon's Souls audio issues - Drifter82 - 12-06-2018

The audio stuttering disappears if you disable write colour buffers. I dunno how it works but it must up stuff up the emulations ability to play the sound effects in a well timed manner.

Not a solution as the colours go psychedelic.

That's on an 8700k. Those 8750's are quite powerful cpu's so shouldn't be an issue.