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List of things that crash GTA:SA - mamamia12 - 10-14-2018

This post will be from issues that crash the game, so if you got an issue just post it here with a log and what happened so maybe 1 day someone fixes all the issues.xD

Some i noticed :

1. Fullscreen makes the game crash after a while

2.crashing into cars alot in missions makes game freeze

3.Sound stops after a while, but game doesn't freeze unless its windowed

4.strange faces sometimes npcs have deformed faces?

RE: List of things that crash GTA:SA - Asinine - 10-14-2018

This isn't a compatibility report so it does not belong in that topic. Moved to general discussion. You can post in the compatibility report threads that already exist for the game. But please don't create threads in the Playable, Ingame, Intro, Loadable or Nothing topics unless you're making a compatibility report for a game that doesn't already have a thread made for that game.