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The Darkness [BLJS10023] - GrantKane - 10-09-2018

RPCS3 v0.0.5-7431-83b6c985 Alpha | HEAD
Black screen only after intro logos.
[Image: XJQvn5u.png]

RE: The Darkness [BLJS10023] - Asinine - 10-09-2018

This should be ingame, you need Write Color Buffers to be enabled as well as Force CPU Blit

I'm moving this to general discussion until it's retested

RE: The Darkness [BLJS10023] - GrantKane - 10-09-2018

Unfortunately, "Write color buffers" and "Force CPU blit" don't help in my case.

RE: The Darkness [BLJS10023] - Asinine - 10-12-2018

You ran out of vram

·F 0:07:46.445328 {rsx::thread} RSX: Your graphics driver just crashed whilst cleaning up. All consumed VRAM should have been released, but you may want to restart the emulator just in case

seems more like a problem with how much vram your APU has. You can try vulkan though this will likely go ingame on different hardware. You had the same issue with ferrari https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-198150.html and I did not get that error. Note: I tried with the same build you tested ferrari with too.

RE: The Darkness [BLJS10023] - GrantKane - 04-10-2019

RPCS3 v0.0.6-7955-52a12185 Alpha | HEAD
[Image: 4j2SdYx.png]
[Image: aX3lgp1.jpg]