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Yo/Hi/Hello/Greetings - ShawnMarx - 09-22-2018


I've been around here a lot (mainly playing and testing games), so I decided to make an account. I got some experience coding and some experience editing mods for Skyrim and junk, so I hope to be of some use. Or not. Who really knows, right? 

If I figure out anything about a particular game, I'll post it whenever I remember to do so. That's the least I can do for being given the opportunity to use a functioning PS3 emulator for free, right?



RE: Yo/Hi/Hello/Greetings - KhaimeraTamer - 09-28-2018

Hey fellas! Just found out that there was a PS3 emulator out TODAY, so you know I had to jump on that bandwagon lol. Hope to be of service to you all. Currently trying to figure out whats up with Fight Night R4.