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Region related question - BloodyBonzai - 09-04-2018

Am I able to play any game from any region on RPCS3 and have it running in NTSC without any issues.  From what I understood games from the European region would be nerfed running in PAL mode, but do they run in NTSC on RPCS3?  Is there a way to verify this within RPCS3 while running a game?

RE: Region related question - Ani - 09-05-2018

There's no such thing as "NTSC" mode or "PAL" mode in HD+ resolutions.
Starting on PS3 there is HDMI for HDTVs, there's no quality difference.
The only difference between NTSC or PAL is the region.

RE: Region related question - KarenWilliamson - 09-15-2018

Why don't you try other stores to buy the games?