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Order Up!! [BLES01470] - GrantKane - 07-27-2018

RPCS3 v0.0.5-7130-f6a3659a1 Alpha | HEAD
The game eats RAM very quickly, so I can't wait it to go to ingame without a reboot.
[Image: bBQMDLX.jpg]

RE: Order Up!! [BLES01470] - Asinine - 07-29-2018

I'm not so sure about this test it should go ingame and potentially be playable.

RE: Order Up!! [BLES01470] - Deminating - 08-03-2018

Can confirm the memory leak, it locked my PC up after being ingame 10-15 minutes on another disc ID. I'm moving this to ingame as I can go ingame consistently on 16GB of RAM.