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Can I play my purchased PSN Games with RPCS3? - Synergy - 07-12-2018

Hi everyone.
I have been following this project for some time. And after coming across some demonstrative youtube videos, it has really made a lot of progress. Kudos!

My hope is that RPCS3 can sort-of resurrect the spirit of my broken PS3 sitting in my closet (dead graphics chip)
I have a number of purchased PSN games that I would like to play: NBA Jam, USF4, Daytona USA, Super Stardust HD, etc.

I am not talking about piracy, or even anything shady... these are games which I bought from the US PSN store.
My question is, can I play them with RPCS3? And if so, can someone point me in the direction of how to do so?

I have done some digging on my own, but haven't come across anything conclusive on this topic. Most talk about installing trials, or patching eboot using tools like pkgview, but that does sound more like piracy -- and when I tried to fetch the tools, they got flagged as spyware -- so I'd rather not go down that rabbit hole.

I have a full system backup from my PS3 before it breathed its' last, if that would help at all in accomplishing my goal.

In any case, thanks for your time, and effort in this project.