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KH2 won't emulate smoothly? - Izana - 06-23-2018

Been fiddling with this emulator for about two hours now and try as I might I can't get KH2.5 ReMIX (BLUS31460) on 4.82 firmware to run with less than a 30fps variance, running 0.0.3-6396 as others recommended and using the CE 60fps memory hack. Changing between liblv2 only and auto load doesn't seem to do anything, neither does tweaking GPU settings like filtering, nor does disabling the 60FPS hack. It's just really stutter-y both in and out of combat Settings as follows: 


Other people with similar hardware have been saying they can get this to run smooth as butter so I'm wondering where the magic is that I'm missing?

i7-7700k @ 4.20
GTX 1060 6gb
16gb RAM