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Auto 60 - 30fps Fixed! Temporary - 1vierock - 06-16-2018

Hello I recently tested games such as tales of xilila and tales of grace F
the problem is that the Auto Fps does not work because the game is too slow or too fast.

I know these are only temporary but with this way of doing I can play without worry to these 2 games

 the 30 FPS town, map and 60 fps in combat.

What we need !

[Image: MJQiCUx.png]
i put F10 here for 30 limit fps.
[Image: Glma11M.png]
Button 14 = Touch pad (my controller ds4) easy to switch 30-60 with touch pad Tongue

Now all is done !
i will put some screenshot for exemple ,I hope to help people who like me wanted a temporary solution ^^ Have a nice day 
[Image: sfMxdWd.png]
[Image: w90u4bR.png]
[Image: Lm8vKWk.png]
[Image: Wr9bay5.png]