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wiiMote vrs SPS Sharp Shoter ? - power suite - 05-04-2018

Hi all I'm a playstation noob.

I want the best custom shoter/pointer for my pc.

How many butions are on the SPS Sharp Shooter ?
Is thear program that alows me to keybind(keyboard/mouse) the controles on Sharp Shooter ?

The wiiMote+numchuk has 9 and 2 directional pads. WiiMote+wii Controler(I dont know if can keybind on this setup) has 11 and 4 directional pads. 
I know the wiiMote has a program called GlovePIE that alows me to keybind the controler.

I can custom a controler with 3d printing and/or molde for fiberglass/resion. So I dont mind deconstructing a controler.

1)SPS Sharp Shooter
3)WiiMote+wii Controler