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Win 10 1803 Performance hit - Zmon - 05-01-2018

Hey all, with Windows 10 1803 rolling out today, I was forced onto it. Noticed I took a performance hit, mainly in Vesperia (which I know isn't exactly perfect in the first place). Went from about 23 FPS (in OpenGL) to 13 with an 8700k OC'd to 4.7 on all cores and a GTX 1070. I have just been checking how the game has been doing in newer builds lately so I've stayed in the same spot to compare FPS so I can at least say that 23 was consistent prior to todays Windows update.. Tried build 6694, 6692, and 6675 just to rule out my update to 6694. Also double checked Vulkan and OpenGL, same FPS +/- 1 FPS.
For shits and giggles, ran a reformat of Windows 10 (a fresh copy from the media creation tool, so it'd be 1803 again). Still getting the same results.

Just thought I'd post up. Maybe someone else noticed the same thing. I asked in Discord, but mainly just received useless responses from those who responded (e.g. switch to Linux)

RE: Win 10 1803 Performance hit - Couchy - 05-07-2018

Same here. It was just barely playable for me before, now completely unusable. I hope there's a fix, or else I'll have to roll back.

RE: Win 10 1803 Performance hit - Couchy - 05-07-2018

i5 4670k @ 4GHz by the way