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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 FM stuck - Yungie - 04-26-2018

Everything works up to the cinematic after making a new game but as soon as that cinematic ends the game stops working, same thing happens if I try to skip the cinematic. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks

RE: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 FM stuck - Solstar82 - 05-08-2018

i can confirm the same here. Tried all the settings i could find online, none of them works

I managed to get past the intro if you use opengl instead of vulkan, but after the first lines of dialogues, game will crash again

my settings



my pc

I7 haswelll 3.6

16 gb ram

geforce gtx 1060 6 gb

RE: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 FM stuck - lastdance - 05-09-2018

This is a well known problem with cinematics in the kingdom hearts series. Locat your movie folder and rename it to something else. The game wont load the cinematics, but you will get to play.