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Alternative PS3 Serials - IS_IS_MR_G - 04-10-2018

After Sorting out my PS3 games folder i went and researched the serials to see if i sorted it right
One of my threads wasn't put on playable because of serial
The serial of the game: BLJX94001
according to psdevwiki: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Productcode#Physical

BLJX stands for

Blu ray (PS3)
Licensed to Sony
X - install demos

The issue here is that rpcs3 doesn't support reading pkgdir and opening a qt menu of the games user would want to install
there are glaring exceptions to this, Bundles with rare discs in japan usually uses this type of serial.
PS3 Launch JP first 2000 units: BLJX94001 - HD Visual Preview Disc
PS3 FF7 Advent Children JP Bundle: BLJX94005 - Final Fantasy XIII
The mystery to me is why they wouldn't use The demo serial of the us with Japanese language inserted where the U would be