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DirectX 12 Question - goody_fyre11 - 03-14-2018

So I think it was about 10-ish builds ago that "DO NOT USE" was added to DirectX 12 in the GPU options. Why hasn't it been removed yet? The description clearly says "DirectX 12 is deprecated and should never be used."

I'm assuming there's some technical reason why it needs to stay, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to keep a deprecated feature. It crashes every game in my library.

RE: DirectX 12 Question - Ani - 03-15-2018

Why the hurry in removing it? You won't get any more performance if it's removed.
Some GPUs have DX12 and not Vulkan, and some games work with it, so it's still useful to some people. It will be removed in its due time.

RE: DirectX 12 Question - goody_fyre11 - 04-02-2018

Some of the games in my collection no longer work with it. I thought that maybe it was disabled on purpose, hence the "DO NOT USE" in all caps. Maybe "Use if all else fails" or something similar would be less confusing.

RE: DirectX 12 Question - zekesonxx - 04-09-2018

The DX12 backend isn't maintained in any way. It's only still in there because no-one has removed it.

And, since Vulkan can do everything DX12 can while being free and open-source and multiplatform, I don't see rpcs3's DX12 renderer getting brought up to speed done any time soon.