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WRC 3 [NPEB01072] - rosenheim4ever - 02-13-2018

I saw that there was no Compatibility Result for this Game

So hopefully we can change it Big Grin

I played 1 complete stage without crash.
It runs with 30fps I think its full speed.
Tested with Ubuntu Mate 17.10 & newest Rpcs3 Linux Appimage

My Settings:
[Image: sZOjHcB.png]
[Image: W25qquG.png]

Here is the Game:
[Image: qq4miSR.jpg]

[Image: 8nkgBXO.jpg]

[Image: yoYW2vm.jpg]

The Cars have some Texture issues Confused
[Image: H6rptVD.jpg]

RE: WRC 3 [NPEB01072] - Ani - 02-16-2018

Missing version identifier. Moving to General Discussion.

RE: WRC 3 [NPEB01072] - rosenheim4ever - 02-17-2018

(02-16-2018, 06:03 PM)Ani Wrote: Missing version identifier. Moving to General Discussion.

Everyone can see it on the pictures but ok in the future i will post it!

ThisĀ Linux Appimage I used for the Test:

RE: WRC 3 [NPEB01072] - digitaldude - 05-21-2019