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Recently broken game list - legend80 - 12-23-2017

While a lot of games have seen great improvements over the past few months, there's been a few that have regressed, in some cases big time. I've updated the game threads as much as I could. I understand this is part of emulation advances and achieving greater accuracy, but understanding what regressions are occurring can help that effort.

Here's the full list here, not sure if there's a better way to handle these.

NFL Blitz:
Broken in recent builds, maybe the new "AAA" build. Black screen only now:

Backbreaker (Disc game and Vengeance arcade game):
Write color buffers causes a crash now in menus:

Scene It Movie Night: (long history of breaks this year):
Last working (perfectly) on the June 22 build: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp.../artifacts
Since then it's been broken in a few different ways, but never fully playable. Worse on builds in the past month - white screen on boot:

Splatterhouse: FIXED
Broken in the past week or so. Cannot select Continue before main menu.  The FPS/audio are still rolling but input (X) is not recognized. Probably due to all the recent input changes.

Double Dragon: FIXED
Broken in the past week or so. Cannot select Start Game.  You can navigate the menu but selection is broken for some weird reason. Probably due to all the recent input changes.

RE: Recently broken game list - Asinine - 12-23-2017

If you know what pull request broke a game it's best to comment on their Pull Request on github so they are aware and can fix it.

RE: Recently broken game list - legend80 - 12-31-2017

Updated first post. Input issues with Splatterhouse, Double Dragon fixed.

Other regressions remain with more info add to their game threads - got 2/3 games down to the build where they were broken. Hopefully that info is used to resolve.

RE: Recently broken game list - Gaming4371 - 01-01-2018

Add E.X. Troopers to that list ,   does nothing anymore since months,  was playing fine before   Cool