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i5 perfomance - Tahei - 11-07-2017

Hello! My cpu is an i5 3570. I have some frame drops in Demon's souls especially when i brake heavy objects.  Please tell me, do i really need an i7 to comfortably play rcps3, or perfomance for my cpu will be upgraded in future?

RE: i5 perfomance - JobeStroud - 11-09-2017

This is still pretty early on in emulation so the higher CPU is the way to go. I wouldn't really expect much out of anything without a i7 x700+ CPU. This is just the CPU i have i7 4790k. The 3570 is 500 points lower on STP though and that makes a big difference and the multicore is over twice as strong in a 4790k at stock speeds. So yes, just a small bump can make a huge difference.

RE: i5 perfomance - Zenekpr0 - 12-01-2017

Well, the optimization will be better but so will be the accuracy of emulation. As more and more modules and features will be implemented system requirements can actually increase.

In other words - it's impossible to tell but in your case a better CPU certainly would be useful.