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Fighting Vipers [NPEB01164] - greybit - 10-13-2017

Hi, this is my first post.

The game is playable, but it have very high fps in menu (300-900fps) and ingame 30fps +-2. The gameplay is to slow. It also looks like the camera is not so close like in real PS3 and you see more from the arenas as you normaly should.

I missed to record the audio. The audio was fine.

Here a video how it looks in a real PS3.

used rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-10-09-0129c54a_win64 with default settings

RE: Fighting Vipers [NPEB01164] - Ani - 10-15-2017

Not Playable, too slow and graphical issue on the camera. Moved to Ingame.

RE: Fighting Vipers [NPEB01164] - greybit - 10-15-2017

With Vulkan it runs at 60fps in menu and ingame, but still with camera issue.


RE: Fighting Vipers [NPEB01164] - digitaldude - 12-27-2017


Playable with 60fps, seem graphic issue with the sky is only problem left.