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About PCSX2 - kilsuton - 08-23-2017

What are you thinking about PCSX2? Now it's almost perfect .... I would like to hear some reviews ....

RE: About PCSX2 - DeadMan - 08-24-2017

I think the project doesn't have enough devs. so stagnated...

RE: About PCSX2 - Majestic - 08-28-2017

There is still room for improvements for PCSX2. Not many people are working on it. Only more obscure bugs are left to be fixed.

RE: About PCSX2 - Suar99 - 08-31-2017

PS3 are backward compatibility. with this fast project we will play throught rpcs3

RE: About PCSX2 - DeadMan - 09-01-2017

(08-31-2017, 06:23 AM)Suar99 Wrote: PS3 are backward compatibility. with this fast project we will play throught rpcs3


I don't think so. Confused

RE: About PCSX2 - shoaibgazi - 09-05-2017

Ani Wrote:
shoaibgazi Wrote:these are psn games which runs on my ps3 that's why i tried them. i know these are ps1 classics but they are working on ps3. so basically i am running a ps3 version.
i didn't mean to troll with you guys at all. i don't want like mednafen asked for you guys. i do not even have ps1.    

PS3 has internal PS1emu and PS2emu. Resold classics are PS1/PS2 games that run on top of them.
We don't emulate those / keep track of the compatibility of PS1/PS2 games running on those emulators.
Also we don't track PSP minis, since they mostly just run normally and aren't worth keeping track of.

RE: About PCSX2 - Pillus - 10-11-2017

I used it for years, i have a small box created for emulators that i just have by the TV. I can easily run upscaled versions of any PS2 game, together with 2 wireless controllers.

I am a huge RPG nerd, and seeing as so many of those good old games are on PS2 it was a must have for me.

Nothing really wrong with the emulator. It doesn't crash, i almost never seen any graphical glitches anymore. The framerate is stable, and it looks gorgeous with some extra graphical settings.

RE: About PCSX2 - RPCS3_FAN - 12-11-2017

Every software has room for improvements. But yes my games are working very well on PCSX2.

RE: About PCSX2 - rosenheim4ever - 02-13-2018

I think pcsx2 is very good.
But the Emulators performance is weak because it is one of the very last Programs I use that,s still 32bit Sad .

RE: About PCSX2 - Pilger - 03-03-2018

There are still games that don't work on PCSX2. For example Superman Returns.