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RE: rpcs3 doesn't start - Frokon - 08-19-2017

Iv tried many different builds but it doesnt work. I cant launch rpcs3 and I also dont get any error messages.

I have Windows 7 64 bit, i5 6600k, r9 290x 4 gb, 8 gb DDR4

My anti-virus and firewall are closed and I also tried starting rpcs3 as admin and with different compatibility modes but none of them worked.

Its like a different software on my pc tries to prevent rpcs3 from running...

Any ideas how to get rpcs3 to work?

RE: rpcs3 doesn't start - Ani - 08-19-2017

Close all RivaTuner processes.

RE: rpcs3 doesn't start - Frokon - 08-19-2017

(08-19-2017, 04:41 PM)Annie Wrote: Close all RivaTuner processes.

Ive closed every process which isnt referring to windows. Nevertheless it does not work. Seem like I have to reinstall windows and I really wanted to avoid that Sad