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RE: PixelJunk™ Shooter [NPEA00141] - eoiz - 08-14-2017

Tested in d8c449a.

Everything standard.
The game starts but freezes when selecting a level.

RE: PixelJunk™ Shooter [NPEA00141] - Asinine - 12-27-2017

RPCS3 v0.0.4-6277-e768bdc8 Alpha
Ingame. Something is wrong though, on the first level the diamond is already falling from the roof and you get a game over after a few seconds. After checking with youtube this shouldn't happen.
When it's fixed the game can probably be moved to playable since graphics and performance are good.

RE: PixelJunk™ Shooter [NPEA00141] - Ilup - 07-03-2019

v0.0.6-8323 Alpha [2019-07-03]

The game is playable from the start to the credits, perfect if not for the audio stuttering, if you enable "Write Color Buffers" in the emulator GPU settings.

Video - Shows the bug, then enabling the option, then the game is in a playable state.

The media was captured in a slightly older version, but it behaves the exact same as on the newest version. The first screenshot is of the most recent version.

This might mean that other games developed by PixelJunk (all currently "Ingame") are also playable with the same option.

RE: PixelJunk™ Shooter [NPEA00141] - digitaldude - 07-05-2019

Needs log file.

RE: PixelJunk™ Shooter [NPEA00141] - digitaldude - 08-12-2019