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RE: Monopoly Street [NPUB30592] - shoaibgazi - 08-09-2017

i got fatal error

RE: Monopoly Street [NPUB30592] - money123451 - 09-09-2017

Build 0.0.3-3-f39e2b9
now gets to a loading screen with PPU fast and instantly crashes should at least be moved out of nothing to loadable if not intro.

RE: Monopoly Street [NPUB30592] - money123451 - 11-12-2017

Build 0.0.3-3-8fc9862

now goes ingame and seems to move at full speed during most instances that I was able to test but this game is awful so I didn't test much more then doing a few moves and declaring bankruptcy like most EA studios.  -- might need more testing for stabilty and NO I WILL NOT TEST THIS ANY MORE.

RE: Monopoly Street [NPUB30592] - digitaldude - 11-12-2017


I finished a game. It's playable.