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RE: Save game profile option? - hecta - 06-10-2017

I don't know if this suggestion has been posted before, but since Rpcs3 can't auto load cores and graphics per game like the auto load libraries option, would it be posible to have a configuration saved for every game? Sort of a "profile" if you say so.

For example, Scott Pilgrim plays better with LLVM+ASMJIT+OpenGL
But Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD plays better with PPU fast+ASMJIT+Vulkan

So everytime you need to play a different game you need to change those settings manually, it would be a lot more efficient if there was a way to save profiles with those configurations per game, and then just choose the profile of the game you want to play, and the settings will be loaded

Just a little suggestion Big Grin

RE: Save game profile option? - Ani - 06-10-2017

This already exists, right click the game and configure there