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RE: New User Intro - preparedheathen - 05-21-2017

Hello everyone,
I am new to RPCS3 and I would like to introduce myself. I have been using emulators for a long time, but I do not have any experience in development. I am a computer science major and have just completed my first year. I am a native english speaker.
My main computer has 8 gbs of RAM, an AMD 4350 4.2 ghz quad core processor and a GTX 970 gpu.
I am interested in getting involved with development, but I am not really sure to begin. I have plenty of time on my hands and I want a project that will help me learn and grow as a programmer. Any advice for a newbie like myself would be greatly appreciated

RE: New User Intro - Ekaseo - 05-21-2017

try it here: