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RE: Can my PC run RPCS3 ? - Lalakoboldslayer - 05-20-2017

Hi guys, sorry if this was posted on the wrong sub-forum.

I know that RPCS3 is at early development stages but I would like to know if my PC can run it. I tryed one game from the list that's reported working and go an error message, so I sould be doing something wrong.

Can you guys take a look at my PC specs and see if it's able to run it ? It's on the signature.

Thank you for your kindness.

RE: Can my PC run RPCS3 ? - Ani - 05-20-2017

Yes, it does support RPCS3.
Check if you followed the quickstart guide properly and check the game's thread to see if there are any peculiar settings needed to run that game. Avoid random YouTube tutorials as most provide wrong information or link to illegal content.

RE: Can my PC run RPCS3 ? - Lalakoboldslayer - 05-21-2017

I updated my graphics card driver, installed Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 x64, the Directx tool told mine was up to date. Restarted my PC and it worked.

Thank you for your help. The Quickstart is actually pretty easy to follow.

Another question, is that after loading my game's dump, now it shows the game twice on the game list. May I delete one of them ?

RE: Can my PC run RPCS3 ? - Ani - 05-21-2017

Don't place disc games inside dev_hdd0, only PSN games