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RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - Neferpitou - 04-10-2017

hi guys,

i think RPCS3 cant handle splitted .cpk right?

in my USRDIR i got instead of ps3.cpk


and instead of hdd.cpk i got

is there anyway to make this use with RPCS3?

RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - Ani - 04-10-2017

You don't have to do anything, if the game was made like that then it should work like it would on a real PS3.
Unless it's not working on the emulator yet, but splitted cpk shouldn't be an issue of its own.
After ripping a game you shouldn't need to touch any files on it provided they work on a real PS3.

RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - digitaldude - 04-10-2017

Need ps3 file splitter tool.

RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - ssshadow - 04-11-2017

No "666" splitted files are done by Multiman and similar tools because the PS3 is shit and only really supports FAT32 and 4 GB large files (in general, you could hack in NTFS). Even on a real PS3 you must join them or the game will never work. So join them with the splitter tool as Digitaldude mentioned.

RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - MassiveSizePenis - 04-15-2017

You need to merge those files, use software called ps3Merge, you need to delete those files when it's done.

RE: splitted .cpk and .hdd files - LittleGrejmer - 04-16-2017

You can merge them with winrar too. Just change 66601 to 001 and remaining (ex. 66602 to 002 and so on) then unpack 001 with WinRaR