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RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - Roxxas21 - 04-09-2017

RPCS3 v0.02-6-24373bc Alpha

PPU Decoder Interpreter
SPU Decoder Interpreter

Shows a black screen and Fps count is stuck at 0.05

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - Ani - 04-13-2017

This is Loadable, not Nothing. Moving.

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - QOTSANINSOADKORN - 10-30-2017

(04-13-2017, 11:11 PM)Ani Wrote: This is Loadable, not Nothing. Moving.

Smile indeed still loadable with latest at time of writing...


RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - Ani - 01-18-2018

Intro as of https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-197817.html

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - Zer0wing - 05-10-2018

Same as BCUS98234.


[Image: kz3ingame.png]
[Image: kz3ingame2.png]
Ingame? Lol, not really. "Hangs" too often, once got access violation, but now just hangs for a while. Same situation as KZ2.
Does anyone ever makes use of attached logs or it's just local forum etiquette?

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - davewuk - 09-05-2020

Just a heads up - there's a patch on the wiki (link below) that really improves the FPS for me:-


With some carefully chosen settings I can get 15-30fps in the first few missions after SPU/shader compilation. I would say it actually runs slightly better for me than Killzone 2 on my specs (i5 6600k oc'd to 4.5ghz, GTX 970. 16gb RAM).

Unfortunately the loading times are crazy, at boot it just sits hitting the disk for ten straight minutes before displaying anything and sometimes in-game too. This heavy disk mashing seems to cause a crash atĀ the beginning of the "Broken Highway" mission and I can't get any further into the game.

EDIT: I might have found the source of the crashes - for some reason, setting SPU Loop Detection to ON improves the stability a lot, but the performance is worse and the sound stutters badly in heavy scenes.

EDIT2: I was able to complete the game with SPU loop detection on. The performance was really bad in almost all the heavy action scenes making it overall a horrible experience

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - ldczzyy - 09-14-2020

I'm playing the US version, but things can be useful here as well

Follow up video on CPU utilization test, this game starts at 7:55

RE: Killzone 3 [BCES01007] - davewuk - 09-30-2020

Anyone else not able to get into the game any more? after the opening video the screen goes blank with the audio still playing.

Not sure which PR broke it unfortunately.

EDIT: it was PR #8984 - and I fixed the issue just by updating my nvidia drivers