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RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - pulleyhead - 01-08-2019

v0.0.5-7678 Alpha [2019-01-06] Windows 10
Game play breaks during fight. Opponent quits fighting back and when block changes to a lean block and lean quits working. If opponent is knocked down or the round ends then the issue is corrected for a short time before occurring again.
After first fight game freezes and crashes when achievement message appears.

[Image: FN-Round-4.jpg]

Following Error Message:
[Image: FN-Round-4-Error.jpg]

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - Kravicka - 02-03-2019

these bugs are most just bbecause u have bad fps.

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - Antfroman - 07-22-2019

(02-03-2019, 03:26 AM)Kravicka Wrote: these bugs are most just bbecause u have bad fps.

I hate to sound rude but this is a really silly comment... I am having the exact same thing happen to me. My opponent will break when playing and not fight back and this is certainly not due to low fps as I am running this game at around 55-60 fps. I am currently using RPCS3 0.0.6-22f61 caf Alpha.

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - Silanda - 08-11-2019

Same thing happens to me as happens to others: plays fine initially but AI opponent becomes unresponsive. Also, often when the AI opponent becomes unresponsive my character stops being able to dodge.

It's guess it's possible that it is speed related as although the fps counter says 60, the game doesn't feel like 60 on my system. Fights start off looking smooth, but become stuttery looking despite the fps counter being locked at 59.94. Running with only one SPU thread might also alleviate the problem(edit: it doesn't), although that tends to cause odd shuddering and flickering of the character graphics and animations.

FWIW, this game really hammers my CPU.

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - libal44 - 08-22-2019


Game still can't be played right. The bug with the opponent dropping his hands and not fighting is still there. Also,  the textures of the created fighters don't load for some reason, all of them have a completely black face. Tried all the settings I could think of but none help, WCB, RCB, RDB, WDB,

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - Silanda - 08-26-2019

There's another bug I've noticed (on the European version that I own, anyway). Sometimes when you skip the ring entrance, the entrance music carries on playing and the commentary is missing. Pausing and unpausing several times sometimes fixes this. This can happen also happen after the healing bit between rounds. I actually wonder if this could be related to the gameplay bugs because they both seem kind of like certain subroutines not stopping and starting correctly.

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - libal44 - 10-10-2019

Hey guys, I played several matches on 8834 Build which added some SPU optimizations. I haven't seen the bug where the opponent would drop his hands for the rest of the round. Maybe it's fixed ? Anyone else willing to test it

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - pupop - 10-29-2019


I played also without problem
build 0.06 8534
I7 6700k
16 Go
1050 Ti

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - turtleneckthomas - 10-30-2019

Just tested this tonight on the latest build (0.0.7-9047-35794dc3) and I can confirm that the blocking/fault ai bugs are still present.

RE: Fight Night Round 4 [BLUS30285] - libal44 - 10-30-2019

Damn, thas sad. At least I found a way to properly render the fighters in Legacy mode. In the config under GPU, disable asynchronous cache.