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RE: Pinball Arcade [NPUB30713] - AAKH1361 - 03-16-2017

RPCS3 v0.0.2-7-3fe93ef Alpha

game go ingame
don't problem

maybe playable

RE: Pinball Arcade [NPUB30713] - mickeyindahouse - 08-05-2017

Yes fully playable now with build 0.0.3-5588-7b43d88f Alpha


getting around 40-45 fps with an i5-3470

RE: Pinball Arcade [NPUB30713] - ssshadow - 08-17-2017

Moving to playable.

RE: Pinball Arcade [NPUB30713] - n1ckn4m3 - 05-28-2022

Only shows table graphics if you have "Read Color Buffers" enabled, all other settings at default are fine.

If "Write Color Buffers" is enabled for any reason, it introduces white strobing in the table graphics.

Otherwise, still plays great on RPCS2 0.0.22-13655-5ad4b624.

RE: Pinball Arcade [NPUB30713] - yurinator557 - 05-28-2022

Needs 3 screenshots and a log to be valid