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RE: Hajime no Ippo The Fighting [BLJS10295] - Bovo94 - 05-16-2018

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to try this game for a long time, and i just found out about the RPCS3. The game seems to work fine, but i have two major problems:

1- When i start a match, the FPS are low (20, 25 max), and when the opponent goes in Burning Heart mode they drop to 17, 19 max 
This happens with Vulkan. If i change to OpenGL the game runs at 11 FPS.

2- "It's a race against time" I tested this game in Free Match mode, and i can play only 3 rounds because everytime the game decide to freeze. 

I tried every combination possible in order to resolve these problems. 


I tried the game with LLVM Recompiler and now i don't have FPS issues anymore. Now i have to figure out why the game keeps on freezing even without the LLVM Recompiler on. I managed to win a fight at the first round with the LLVM Recompiler on and i decided to start another match to test if the game works, but after the first round started i landed 3 or more punches and then the game stopped working.
These are the strings that came out in the log before the game stopped working.

E {PPU[0x10004c5] Thread (LOAD_ASSET)} Stat: 'sys_lwmutex_lock' failed with 0x80010008 : CELL_EDEADLK [x8]
E {PPU[0x10004c5] Thread (LOAD_ASSET)} Stat: 'sys_lwmutex_unlock' failed with 0x80010009 : CELL_EPERM [x8]
! {PPU[0x10004c5] Thread (LOAD_ASSET)} Thread time: 0.375000s (1.373126Gc); Faults: 0 [rsx:0, spu:0];

This is my computer spec

GeForce GTX960
Intel® Core i7-4790 @ CPU 3.60Hz
16GB Ram