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RE: Dunamis 15 [BLJM60347] - digitaldude - 02-04-2017


Shows intro/loading screen after it finishes loading just black screen.

RE: Dunamis 15 [BLJM60347] - digitaldude - 02-21-2017


The intro is very dark, goes ingame. Has some sort of flickering issue, like every second screen is behind fog. Saves and loads. Should be playable after graphical issues sorted.

Move to ingame.

RE: Dunamis 15 [BLJM60347] - semicolumn - 08-19-2018


With SPU Decoder - ASMJIT Recompiler or Interpreter(Fast).
Audio Normal, Movie Normal, however when the movie file fully played and jumping into the title screen, game goes no response.

With SPU Decoder - Interpreter(Precise).
Audio has serious stuttering, Movie goes White-out (White version of Black-out), Although the game has response.
One can get into title screen with X key on Keyboard, "New Game" can be started successfully the same with C Key.