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RE: R-Type Dimensions [NPJB00297] - BlackDaemon - 01-29-2017

Goes ingame on recent master build v0.0.1-8-60bd2fb. For some reason it keeps automatically pausing game, after few attemps to resume game it hangs.

LLE used
- libadec.prx
- libat3dec.prx
- libatrac3plus.prx
- libatxdec.prx
- libl10n.prx
- libpamf.prx
- libresc.prx
- librtc.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx
- libfs.prx
- libfont.prx
- libfontFT.prx
- libfreetype.prx
- libfreetypeTT.prx

RE: R-Type Dimensions [NPJB00297] - nash67 - 08-12-2017

RPCS3 v0.0.3-5610-8c0672f3
black screen now with music in the background

RE: R-Type Dimensions [NPJB00297] - digitaldude - 12-24-2017



RE: R-Type Dimensions [NPJB00297] - izzy69 - 09-10-2018

The game is fully playable. 2D versions plays perfectly. 3d version has missing graphics. For example, your default beam is not visible while you shoot in 3d mode. Full charge beam is visible.
In the attached picture I am shooting, but no beam is visible. I tried all possible configurations, and no luck so far.