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RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - legend80 - 01-07-2019

Fixed by this:

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - gespenst - 01-12-2019

Doesn't seem to work for me. Still getting hangs from semaphore timed out error.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - legend80 - 01-13-2019

Not sure what to tell you. I think you're doing something wrong. I just tried the latest build from PR and RR73D runs fine with LLVM.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - digitaldude - 01-13-2019

Open config.yml and change the driver recovery timeout settings number might work then.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - legend80 - 01-13-2019

What sorts of values do you recommend for him? I wonder if this will help other games that are broke on LLVM right now (like Backbreaker).

Driver Recovery Timeout: 1000000

If only those damn flickering trees can be fixed, this game would be playable! For me, that's the last blocker. It's just way too annoying driving around and everything is flickering - quite distracting/annoying.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - gespenst - 01-14-2019

I've set Timeout value to 1000000 but it still hangs regardless. Raising/lowering the value doesn't seem to help either.

Is it because my CPU's (i7-6700HQ @2.6 GHz) too weak?

Here's my config.yml

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - theDreamcaster - 01-14-2019

Same issue as gespenst. Tried different settings, cleared shader and spu cache and using the PR posted above, it always freezes when choosing a car with SPU LLVM. I have a 4770 cpu and still on windows 7. Tried it over ten times now and it always locks up after selecting a vehicle...

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - legend80 - 01-14-2019

neko checked in a fix to master. Fine for me on daily build.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - gespenst - 02-01-2019

It's working for me as well, but SPU Block Size has to be set to Mega.

RE: Ridge Racer 7 3D [NPUB30457] - legend80 - 02-01-2019

Confirmed. Fine on SPU LLVM Mega but still broke on Safe. It always the other way around. Smile