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RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - ps0ne - 07-14-2016

This is full game, no demo. Game works nice, came back to halfplayable. Water effects works in opengl. No flickering.

Just some textures corrupted.
Bullets are invisible.

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - ps0ne - 10-19-2016

After latest OGL improvements, game now gained: visible bulltes, enemy ships textures, medals and bombs textures, enemy ships destroy counters. Now, lets check for vulcan and dx12. If all corrents, maybe move to playable?

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - ssshadow - 10-19-2016

Great, also post some screenshots, and for the sake of it a log file.

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - ps0ne - 10-19-2016

Here you have.

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - EmuBench - 10-25-2016

I've got some footage, some bullets are missing cos i'm getting hit without noticing, many objects look like placeholders. I guess i could get better speed on recompiler but i didn't want to wait for it to load. Tongue

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - ps0ne - 10-25-2016

nice. im afraid you dont use here nevest version that has some fixes

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - digitaldude - 02-18-2017


Bullets are all visible now, no placeholders, everything looks right. it's playable.

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - tchoutchou - 01-05-2018

If you want to avoid the message: "no profile found", go to options and change the music and sfx volumes. It's a known bug. It doesn't save your progression though (it was designed with the old "arcade spirit").

RE: 1942: Joint Strike [NPUB30024] - digitaldude - 01-05-2018

Strangely enough I believe this bug is also on the actual PS3.