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RE: Fake site distributing rpcs3 - yeniaul - 06-28-2016

I found this site which claims to be the original creator of rpcs3 and is profiting through it with bitcoin hijacking software and surveys.
I nearly fell for it -- until I noticed the emulator was packed inside a ".iso" file, which is NOT standard procedure for emulator.

RE: Fake site distributing rpcs3 - Ani - 06-28-2016

There are a few more that falsely claim to be a PS3 emulator. They're pretty easy to recognize though.
They usually have no github, forums, irc or similar things and they don't have a lot of information in them. They just want people to download it without much questions asked.

Someone could probably contact google with a takedown request (from google's search results) due to the malicious nature of that website and/or malware spreading.

RE: Fake site distributing rpcs3 - Ru4slan - 06-28-2016

Lol.This screen its not screen)
This 'developers' just download this image and put it in screen of 'emulator'.
sorry for bad english.

RE: Fake site distributing rpcs3 - yeniaul - 07-02-2016

Threw Google a malware/intellectual property double-infringement takedown request.
VirusTotal: https://goo.gl/RWJKK9
Scored a 28/53, or 51% detection rate. Terrible.

Have fun!

RE: Fake site distributing rpcs3 - Ani - 07-03-2016

I have also sent an abuse notification to Cloudflare (which is acting as a reverse proxy for their website) for malware/phishing and to another similar fake website's registrar.