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RE: PS3 GAMES - fziert - 06-21-2016

Hey Guyz,

I saw your site today and i instantly registered Big Grin . You guyz has made a great progress. Welldone
So i thought i should try atleast but i cant find the PS3 games section .Will you guyz point out to the games link or atleast suggest me where can i find the ps3-4 games and in what format does RPCS3 require?

Thanks .

RE: PS3 GAMES - Ani - 06-21-2016

tambre Wrote:Welcome to the forum!

Please read the newcomer's guide and see the list of playable games.
If you're having any problems, please also read how to report issues and when reporting statuses of games or are having problems please read the submission guidelines.

Please keep in mind that piracy is not allowed and asking help with piracy, requesting pirated firmware files or games may result in a permanent suspension.

The commercial games section is located at http://www.emunewz.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=193
RPCS3 requires the games to be unpacked inside dev_hdd0/game, just like in a normal PS3.