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RE: Amy - deividfeitosa - 04-02-2016

psn ps3 game name : AMY (NPEB00768) Amy.pkg
rpcs3 version : rpcs3-ReleaseLLVM-8413cd7b


game size ( 1.64 Gb )[/quote][/font]

RE: Amy - Darkriot - 04-03-2016

Hello, deividfeitosa. Please, read the guidelines to correctly create your post.

http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=174376 - Guidelines for submitting new games.

You have missed:

Not correct thread name
Missed LLE modules list (if you used it)
You need post here your "Rpcs3.log" LOG file (you can upload it (for example) on pastebin.com or rghost.com)
you don't need to post "psn ps3 game name : AMY (NPEB00768) Amy.pkg" and "game size ( 1.64 Gb )[/quote][/font]"

And I hope, you not trying show here that you're using piracy content (It is not allowed here)

RE: Amy - tambre - 04-03-2016

Moved to general discussion, until it's brought to match with the guidelines.