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RE: Puddle [NPUB30439] - BlackDaemon - 01-10-2016

Tested on recent master build. Crashes on loading screen. Requires libSre and Sail LLE'd.
G: E {SPU[0x8c] Thread (FMOD)[0x16b98]} Exception: Unknown STOP code: 0x0 (Out_MBox is empty)

RE: Puddle [NPUB30439] - digitaldude - 05-11-2017


Goes ingame now.

RE: Puddle [NPUB30439] - ssshadow - 05-12-2017

Moving to ingame.

RE: Puddle [NPUB30439] - Asinine - 05-06-2018

Playable as of the test here: https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-198714.html