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RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - John GodGames - 12-17-2015

Ingame with flashing and scaling issues

Tested on:
https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/commit/14123d67e1b4ca9005d9137a70bc6596143eb183 + commented https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/blob/master/rpcs3/Emu/RSX/D3D12/D3D12GSRender.cpp#L281 (bypass pausing due to errors in some games)

PPU - Interpreter 2
SPU - Interpreter (fast)

cellFiber_Library v1.1
cellGifDec_Library v1.1
cellJpgDec_Library v1.1
cellSpursJq_Library v1.1
cellSre_Library v1.1

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - jacky400 - 06-11-2016

This game is no longer working in

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - Nezarn - 07-30-2016

Game works fine with a savegame. (for me without savegame, i wasn't able to access any menu, just scroll up and down)

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - TheEldest - 07-24-2017

RPCS3 0.0.3-5388
PPU and SPU recompilers.

Game works at 60 fps stable with Vulkan, ~25 fps with OpenGL. No crashes nor slowdowns experienced. More than playable.

Attached Vulkan log.

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - ssshadow - 07-24-2017

Moving to playable

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - josivan88 - 10-10-2017

No longer works since 0.0.3-6353

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - Ventsislav Georgiev - 11-05-2017

.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 43.29 KB / Downloads: 9)
Nothing for me just black screen on RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-4600094 Alpha.

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - Ventsislav Georgiev - 11-07-2017

My bad it works fine. I just had to follow the configuration to set library loading to Manual and choose libsre.sprx .

RE: Bomberman ULTRA [NPEB00076] - josivan88 - 11-25-2017

works again since 0.0.4-6125