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RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - tambre - 07-31-2015

Shows a blue screen. When looking at it in RSX debugger, it might be the logo for the game.

After about 5-10 seconds blue dots started appearing on the screen, most likely a loading bar. It slowly loaded and after a while it crashed after trying to open a font, which it couldn't even load due to messed up paths and the file not existing in the first place with the proper extension.

Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036]

RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - digitaldude - 05-05-2017


Goes ingame. Maybe playable.


RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - ZEROx - 05-07-2017

Removed fiber message from emu to get it work with LLVM
works slower with Vulkan on master than with OGL
kd-11's Vulkan is fastest
works very very well, all chanses to be playable

RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - ssshadow - 05-07-2017

Moving to ingame for now. Someone confirm if it is playable. Should run stable and be able to save and load for example.

RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - Ani - 05-09-2017

Missing log, using the one from digitaldude post.

RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - digitaldude - 06-24-2017

Now playable with LLVM.

RE: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036] - ssshadow - 06-24-2017

Moving to playable.