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RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - gonhunta - 05-19-2020

Little big planet playable on RPCS3 0.0.10-1046 build

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Aphelion - 05-19-2020

This one appears to be playable - stable 30 FPS and physics have been fixed so it can be played start to finish without issues aside from minor graphical bugs.

The log was too big to attach due to a bit of spam, so it's here:

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - billy61300 - 08-16-2020

All broken mechanics like motors and junk are fixed now. Game should technically be 100% complete-able now.
Without a save, BCUS still can't get past the loading screen. But NPUA can, BCUS should work with a save file past the first time it loads as much as I remember.