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RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - money123451 - 01-14-2018

Build 0.0.4-6323-435ea8d

ingame it dose have the issue shown off in the video above no special settings and runs at a ok frame rate even if its really hard to navigate around. log link since its 10mb after heavy heavy compression ps its 1/2 a gig uncompressed

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Slash - 01-15-2018

I've found that enabling strict mode actually fixes the lighting in the game, at the cost of being able to upscale.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - money123451 - 01-15-2018

(01-15-2018, 09:12 AM)Slash Wrote: I've found that enabling strict mode actually fixes the lighting in the game, at the cost of being able to upscale.

and I found that it causes the game to lock up but that might be a AMD issue and saves don't seem to work.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Mishaisaqt - 01-19-2018

(01-15-2018, 08:40 PM)money123451 Wrote:
(01-15-2018, 09:12 AM)Slash Wrote: I've found that enabling strict mode actually fixes the lighting in the game, at the cost of being able to upscale.

and I found that it causes the game to lock up but that might be a AMD issue and saves don't seem to work.

I was getting the same thing on my end, and I use Intel/Nvidia.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - rodrigospascoal - 01-27-2018

Working fine for me. Done the tutorial, and went to the capsule. Only 2 problems: "duplicated" textures and game doesn't save, says doesn´t have room for it.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - cabeca143 - 12-08-2018

With patch 0.0.5-7570 the shading problems were solved but now, some features are not working corretly, like the gears and the respawn portal, as i show in the video


RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Asinine - 12-09-2018

Those things were working before? Submit an issue report on github and tag the pull request which broke it. https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/issues

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - billy61300 - 04-27-2019

Here's my test:

Note here: Little Big Planet is only lagging because RPCS3 doesn't like to be recorded for some reason. Also second note: Certain levels cannot be completed due to positioning, triggering, and functionality bugs. Most of them were shown when I went into the "My World Tutorials" and fiddled with them.

GTX 1070 ACX 3.0 8GB

Here's my Custom Config: https://pastebin.com/KGSZ3cAE

Visually this game is nearly perfectly emulated, Sound it great on mainly ASMJIT and above, LLVM PPU decoder needs work as it almost completely breaks sound. Core needs work. I'd still rate this as In-Game compatibility as there is no way to truly complete the game yet.

Here's a link to the save file I have accumulated in RPCS3. This only has what I currently has, but it saves the time of attempting to get Bruteforce Save Data to work at all: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cell4bxlybe2yn4/BCUS98148_USER1.rar/file

%RPCS3Directory%\dev_hdd0\game is the place you drag the BCUS98148_USER1 folder. This SHOULD properly load the save into the game on launch. Please note that this is version 1.30 Game, RPCS3 0.0.6-8033-243df383 Alpha. The game is the base NON- GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION, however they do perform exactly the same. One more note, I do not know if this save file works for both versions.

Description of the video above. Sorry if it's a bit long or you have to search a little.

Epilogue: Still In-game, using the LLVM PPU recompiler causes some broken physics that allow you to bypass the bridge and other levels. I have provided a working save to the point where the "My Moon" is unlocked as well as exactly why I did it.

Edit: After doing multiplayer via Parsec I had managed to gain further access to new areas. We managed to beat the 3rd level in the kings place (including the intro level), and unlocked the Castle race minigame. The castle minigame plays exactly as intented as there are no mechanical switches in the level. Once I unlock more levels I will start reporting more information back into this same post. Note here: As I said most triggers are broken, by this I mean specific timing windows where the player triggers an action by an object, not all of them. The ones that do work don't affect the broken mechanics such as the spinning bolts. All rope like mechanics work (pulley systems, winches, pistons, elastics blah blah blah). Sticker triggers work. Certain events will only fix them selves after replaying a level, none of which I noticed in story.The Savannah's first level is incapable of being incomplete without a stroke of luck with LLVM PPU and exfloat on. (Will cause the player to bounce uncontrollably at random magnitudes).

Edit2: Tested the MGS dlc, it cannot be completed with ASMJIT PPU on. Haven't tested otherwise.
Edit3: Did some more testing on certain levels. The History pack works normally. Monster pack is fine up until the train, which is unable to be completed due to the wheel using a motor bolt. Skateboard free fall is able to be unlocked with at least 2 people in-game and functions perfectly. The paintball gun works perfectly (though is not able to be unlocked). The bunnies community level is not able to be completed due to a later event where it requires the use of certain bolts. The paintball hp bar works perfectly.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Anguishjumps - 05-19-2019

Hello! Making an account to say that it looks like using the LLVM Recompiler with Accurate xfloat fixes physics (at least on #5982). Unfortunately my measly GTX1050 and Ryzen 3 1200G aren't enough to emulate it with any kind of speed, let alone record it. However, this fixes the respawn portal/weird gas visuals on level 1, and the slow windmills on level 3. I'd need to test more to see if it fixes absolutely every physics bug, but I believe it's definitely doable if your computer is beefy enough to run it.

Edit: Later versions seem to break and won't get past the Sony screen, saying "E {PPU[0x1000016] Thread (game host thread) [0x00b5016c]} sys_net: sys_net_bnet_select(): exceptfds not implemented" an infinite amount of times. I can't seem to get around this using the LLVM Recompiler.

RE: LittleBigPlanet [NPUA80472] - Coloradohusky - 04-10-2020

Currently running LBP 1.27 on RPCS3 0.0.9-10162-df20410c Alpha, mostly looks great except for glitched walls in the hub and the errors 'E {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x00d5016c]} sys_net: sys_net_bnet_select(): exceptfds not implemented' and 'E {PPU[0x1000016] Thread (game host thread) [0x00d5016c]} sys_net: sys_net_bnet_select(): exceptfds not implemented', which are the same errors that Anguishjumps had.


Above is a video I recorded of me playing a little bit of LBP. I show my config settings in the video.

Using a Ryzen 2600, an RX 580, 16gb 3000mhz ram, and Windows 10.