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RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ps0ne - 07-12-2014

Japan version. Game shows some textures in rsx debugger, then some menus on screen - without depth and color buffers. I manually stopped game after windows message of lack memory (ram?), maybe memory leak.

RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ssshadow - 07-12-2014

It's probably not going to run much further without Spurs, but regarding running out of memory, how much do you have, and how much was rpcs3.exe using? And was that amount always increasing? For instance Disgaea 3 settles at just below 2 GB for me, which can be a problem if you only have 4 GB and a lot of other stuff open at the same time.

RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ps0ne - 07-12-2014

OMG, this game is really demanding. I closed all programs but rpcs3 ofc. I had no windows message of lack mem this time. I passed the black/white screen and then black-only screen appeared with different fps, so something happened. After a short while, game crashed instantly with: memory cant point to adress error or something. It was not like rpcs3 error, maybe visualstudio one. I have 4GB, after this error i had 2,98GB ram usage. During game run, my video RAM was reaching 92%! from time to time, i have 512 MB on GPU, amazing. I saw slowdowns of log and mouse pointer when moving, i believe video memory might been transferred from gpu ram to system ram by slow pci bus, slowdowns were looking similar to this behaviour.

After second run, game run much further, screen changed twice or three times from black to blach-with-something, but eventually emulator crashed after second appereance of error: RSX: E {RSXThread} GLTexture::Init() -> glTexImage2D(CELL_GCM_TEXTURE_A8R8G8B8): opengl error 0x0505 not sure at all if crash was related to this, because my system had already very slow responce.

Right now game won't show anything big, in near future somebody with better pc may try. Usage statistics, look at video ram:

RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ssshadow - 07-12-2014

For the record the US PSN version does basically noting. Stuck in an infinite spurs loop, and then segfaults every time.

RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ps0ne - 03-13-2017

Game goes ingame smoothly, after latest commit. I also have run accidentally with libaudio.sprx module, looks like it was required to make game work?

RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - digitaldude - 08-16-2017



RE: Crystal Defenders [NPJB90167] - ssshadow - 08-16-2017

Moving to playable.