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RE: Heavy Weapon [NPUA30004] - Ekaseo - 06-23-2014

I made a short video on this game.

RE: Heavy Weapon [NPUA30004] - Ekaseo - 07-01-2014

now the game shows an additional screen

RE: Heavy Weapon [NPUA30004] - Ani - 10-17-2016

This currently throws an 0xC0000005 exception.
I don't have VS2015 U1 to get a stack trace (does RPCS3 vsproj currently work on Update 3? Can't get it to load the project, only on Update 1), if anyone wants to look into it to find the cause of the crash go ahead.

RE: Heavy Weapon [NPUA30004] - money123451 - 11-12-2017

Build 0.0.3-3-8fc9862

now goes ingame with some visual issues that didn't clean up with any setting I tried. image that was to large for the web page upload

RE: Heavy Weapon [NPUA30004] - digitaldude - 04-17-2018